Chlorinated Solvents

REMChlor  v.1.0

REMChlor, or Remediation Evaluation Model for Chlorinated Solvents, is an analytical solution for simulating the transient effects of ground water source and plume remediation.

ChemToolBox  v.1 1

ChemToolBox is a software destinated to a broad audience (any level students, Ph.D. or even senior scientists).

Solvent Solver  v.1.0

This program is a tool for using the Teas fractional solubility parameter system in conservation applications. The program's calculations are based on Teas' model, which makes a number of assumptions and simplifications.

Chemistry Companion (FREE)  v.

Chemistry Companion is full of useful information for the practicing chemist and the student. It includes; Common organic solvent properties table (MP,BP,FP,Density,Solubility,Permittivity) for when trying to find the right solvent for your reaction.

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